Business Broadband is changing

‘Ultrafast Fibre’ to the Premises (FTTP) provides an Internet Connection to your Business with a current maximum download of 330Mbps. You can also reach upload speeds of 50Mbps. Speeds are expected to rise to 1Gbps in the future. That compares to 80/20 Mbps for existing ‘superfast’ Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Ultrafast is also a pure fibre connection, meaning no copper wires or ‘phone line’ is required.

Reliability is improved and you can use this single connection for all your requirements. As no ‘phone line’ is required, it purely carries data services. For telephony, only IP voice services (VoIP) will work.

How to Find out More

Openreach have an availability list on their website under Fibre First Towns.

There are 2 ways to get Ultrafast or ‘Fibre To The Premises’ (FTTP) as it is officially known. The easiest, and lowest cost, route is to order an available service from your preferred Communication Provider. Someone like the Stamford Telephone Company. The other way is to request a connection through a Communication Provider for a survey to be carried out. This establishes the installation cost of connecting your premises. Once the cost is established, you can decide to proceed or cancel the order.

Eventually most of the country will have on demand availability but it may be some time before it is available in your area. Without a bespoke connection and the costs associated with that, we would advise that you ensure you choose a Communications Provider who can give you the fastest connection now and be able to upgrade you later when FTTP is available.

It is important to choose a well-established provider with experience of connecting businesses to the Internet using top tier carriers. It is also important that your provider gives a high level of responsiveness and understands your business needs, which may also include Telephony and Wi-Fi.

Contact your Trusted Communications Provider

If you would like further information regarding how this change will affect your business please contact us using the email address or call us on 01780 430490.