What is Voice over Broadband?

The term Voice over IP, or VoIP, may well be more familiar to you. Voice over Broadband is a term that directly relates to telephone calls, or voice services, being carried over a broadband internet connection.

Why is this important?

In another one of our blogs, “Installing VoIP Today”, we wrote about the announcement BT made, in 2015, to turn off the PSTN and ISDN networks. Ofcom are starting to communicate this further and in February 2019 announced the launch of a steering group to support the migration to VoIP. To accompany this announcement Ofcom have published a policy positioning statement on “The Future of Fixed Telephone Services”.

If you use a telephone service that is connected to either one of these networks you need to be aware of what changes will take place by the end of 2025.

Will you have to upgrade your telephone service?

With around 50% of the business telephone market still using ISDN the likelihood is that you will need to make some changes. At the very least a conversation with a local telecoms supplier would be advised so that you can find out what your current situation is.

You don’t have to act straight away but moving to Voice over Broadband sooner rather than later could benefit your business immediately. It will certainly remove any need to change in a rush as the deadline for turning off these legacy networks gets closer.

Stamford Telephone and Voice over Broadband

Stamford Telephone specialise in the supply of managed hosted business telephone systems. Our customers have benefitted greatly through using the fully cloud hosted service we offer, Voice over Broadband.

Have a look at our Case Studies. Helping many different businesses move premises, open up new offices, or just maintain their business telephone service when a previous supplier has gone out of business Stamford Telephone can help you.

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