Managing your Telephone System

Is Managing your Telephone System such a big deal?
Modern VoIP telephone systems are plug and play ….. right?
Setting up and maintaining these systems is simple to do ….. yes?

Buying a New VoIP System

So you buy a VoIP telephone system for your business, it has been delivered and it doesn’t work how you need it to. Most of the requirements you asked for haven’t been delivered; but at least you can make and receive calls. The provider has given you a login to the configuration portal so you decide that you’ll look at this later. To see what the features do; and to see whether you can fix what isn’t working the way you’d like it to.

You’ve been back to the supplier and asked them to help. They either point you in the direction of the configuration portal or ask you lots of technical questions you don’t know how to answer. Both ways, a lot of time has been wasted and your telephone system still doesn’t perform the way you need.

Trying to Configure the Telephone System Yourself

You’re an accountant, or an estate agent, a charity, or a local council, a legal firm, or any manner of other professions. The one thing you are not is an IT specialist and you do not have any expertise in configuring telephone systems. Your intention was to update the system soon after it was installed. But more than 6 months have gone by. In fact, you find that almost 9 months have passed, and simple things, like music on hold not working, are really starting to annoy.

Logging on to the configuration portal you find a mix of company, site and user settings and you’re not sure where to start.

This is the situation that Stamford Telephone find many businesses to be in. When we first talk to them they tell us that they have only just invested in a VoIP telephone solution; and it has never really worked as they would like. In addition, when the business has tried to talk to a helpdesk engineer, they aren’t able to convey what changes they would like. They don’t know the terminology to use in order to get the specific change they need carried out.

The Power of Business VoIP

Business VoIP systems can be so powerful when set up properly. They give staff the ability to work efficiently and there are many examples Stamford Telephone can offer. Numerous customers have grown, doubling or even tripling in size. A contributory factor in this growth has been the ability to communicate effectively with customers and suppliers alike. Being able to make as many calls as they need, during the working week, has demonstrably reduced project timelines. Increasing productivity.

It is frustrating to see businesses restricted by the telecommunication solutions they have been supplied. Don’t suffer in silence. Give Stamford Telephone Company a call and talk to the business VoIP specialists. We can help by Managing your Telephone System for you.

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