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In 2018, Openreach announced that they would be retiring the PSTN and ISDN network in 2025. Meaning users need to transition to a future-proof replacement product before the deadline. The PSTN is the copper network that was originally built to support voice communications via landline. It was later adapted to support broadband connections such as ADSL and FTTC. This infrastructure is now degrading and has become expensive to maintain. This has driven costs up. Additionally, the old technology is no longer able to support the constantly growing demand for high speed data. Which is why the industry is driving digital transformation, making sure all businesses, and consumers alike, have access to faster, more reliable solutions.
The All-IP network is the future of communications for all UK businesses. New Single Order (data only) connectivity and hosted voice solutions will replace ALL broadband and voice products that currently run over the traditional copper telephone network as we move from an analogue, telephony led approach to a digital based, connectivity first future.
We offer the latest All-IP Voice and Data Networks.
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The transistion period started in 2018  and will be complete in 2025. 432 exchanges are currently being upgraded. We have been installing compatible VoIP systems since 2013 and have now upgraded 90% of our PSTN based broadband network. All new customers are installed as All-IP from the onset meaning no upgrades are required. If you are unsure how ALL-IP will affect your business, please contact us for a no-obligation, no pressure review.

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