Use Mobile, Desktop, Deskphone or all 3

The versatility of the hosted telephone system allows you to choose the type of phone you would like to use. Calls can be made using a mobile app, on either Apple or Android smart phones and tablets, or a desktop computer app on Apple or Microsoft computers. Desk and conference phones may be preferred where ultra reliable, high definition, call quality is required.

DECT Phones

All DECT or Walkabout Phone products connect one or more handsets to a radio base station. Multiple subscriptions can be associated with each base unit allowing more than one call to be made concurrently when using two or more handsets. We support the latest Yealink DECT base units which include the W53P and the W80B. The W80 is an IP Multi-Cell base which will work with others to create a meshed network allowing phones to roam from base to base whilst maintaining active calls.

Yealink W53P DECT Phone with W56H Handset
Yealink W53P with W53H Handset
Yealink W80 Multi-Cell Base
Yealink W80 Multi-Cell Base

High Definition Desk Phones

High definition desk phones provide exceptional call quality. With multiple speed dial buttons surrounding the screen and busy lamp feature (BLF) you can see if colleagues are on the phone or contact individuals with a single key press.

Yealink T46U HD Desk Phone
Yealink T46U Desk Phone

Touch Screen Desk Phones

The touch screen desk phones available also provide high definition call quality. Memory key numbers for BLF, speed dial and other call options are increased. These top of the range phones also add USB options such as cameras and WiFi dongles.

In addition to the Yealink T4 series of phones we also offer the T5 series which come with inbuilt Wireless (WiFi) functionality.

Yealink T57W Touchscreen Phone with Built-In WiFi
Yealink T57W  Wireless Touch Screen Phone

Conference Phones

For meeting rooms of any size conference phones are a great way to get everyone involved in the telephone conversation. For larger rooms extra speakers can be added allowing attendees at the periphery of the meeting room to hear the conversation properly, and to be heard clearly when they speak.

Yealink CP920 Conference Phone
Yealink CP920 Conference Phone