Customer Testimonials

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say in their testimonials for Stamford Telephone Company. Striving for 100% customer satisfaction and installations that are right first time Stamford Telephone Company actively seek customer feedback. The testimonials help explain why choosing the Stamford Telephone Company is the Smart Choice.

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Testimonial from an Educational Academy

Since the new telephone system was installed Stamford Telephone Company have supported us ably through the transition from our old one. We receive notification of absences through the voicemail to email service, which works well. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period, we have updated our messages to families and been able to stay connected whilst working from home. The system is really flexible and the support we get from Stamford Telephone is very good. – Head Teacher

Testimonial from a Childcare Provider

Having been referred to Stamford Telephone Company to deliver a new business VoIP system for us. One of the biggest benefits of choosing Stamford Telephone was the ability to maintain our investment in the desk phones we had purchased previously. On the day of the installation the new system was integrated without any disruption or losing a call. – Director

Testimonial from a Computer Aided Design Business

Having encountered a number of quality issues with a previous VoIP based Telephone System we contacted Stamford Telephone. Following a meeting with their team we gave them the go ahead to take on the telecoms contract. A voice grade broadband service was installed and their new Managed Hosted Business VoIP Telephone System was connected to it. Stamford Telephone have managed the whole process, end to end, and their attention to detail is fantastic. These are the best quality telephone calls I have made in a long time. – Director

Testimonial from an Accountancy Firm

Moving to a new office was the opportunity we were looking for to change our telecommunications provider. We asked Stamford Telephone to supply a new telephone service. We never lost a call during our move, a big benefit of the VoIP service we bought. Stamford Telephone took great care in ensuring our inbound calls were routed just how we needed them to be. We highly recommend them to other businesses. – Director

Testimonial from a Corporate Finance Business

Stamford Telephone (ST) supported a Corporate Finance Business in their move to new premises providing, Telephony, Leased Line and Remote Working.

‘With their knowledge of the Internet Service Provider industry, they were able to advise the need for a leased line because high-speed broadband was not available. The assistance they have provided to us during our move, in the provision of a new managed hosted VoIP system, and the aftercare they have given, has been the best. We highly recommend them as a provider of telecommunications services’. – Director

Testimonial from an Estate Agents

Stamford Telephone Company have provided a wonderful service during a period of change for my business. New internet connectivity was installed at both office locations with managed hosted business telephone services seamlessly connecting my staff to each other. My geographic business numbers were ported in to the new system without any call loss. – Director

Testimonial from a Legal Business

Wanting to do business with a local supplier we engaged Stamford Telephone Company to deliver a managed hosted business telephone system for us. We have been very happy with the service they have supplied and it has really helped us to grow. Just recently, Stamford Telephone Company assisted with our move to larger offices. This project completed without any loss of service. – Director

Testimonial from a Marketing Agency

During an initial meeting with Stamford Telephone Company a call was made to our existing provider so that the porting of our main business number could be discussed. We found out that our existing supplier had cancelled our main number without informing us.

Due to this poor service I decided to engage the Stamford Telephone Company straight away. Within a couple of hours they were able to provide a brand new telephone system for my business; including a new main number, company voicemail, direct dial numbers and personal voicemail boxes. I couldn’t have asked for better levels of customer care. – Director

Testimonial from a County Council

Fantastic company to deal with. They supplied an end to end telecoms solution for our new business centre which enables complete flexibility for our tenants. It’s a VOIP system so they can keep the phone number for as long as they need it, take it with them if they need to relocate to new premises or even cancel it if they don’t need it any more. Customer service is excellent and any issues are addressed extremely quickly. Highly recommended to anyone considering a flexible business telecoms solution. – Economic Development & Tourism Manager

Testimonial from a Business Support Company

Stamford Telephone Company managed the transfer of our telephone service seamlessly, after our original supplier went into administration. This included the porting of telephone numbers for services we run on behalf of our customers. Each one of these reception services was migrated without any loss of service for the clients. We have already added new customers since the system was installed due to the great features it offers. – Director

Testimonial from a Care Provider

With a single supplier we receive one bill reducing both our administration and operational costs. We are very pleased to have The Stamford Telephone Company as one of our valued partners. – CEO

Testimonial from a Local Council

We recommend The Stamford Telephone Company as a leading supplier of VoIP technology and commend their expertise and excellent ongoing support. – Town Clerk

Testimonial from an Industrial Group

With a single supplier we receive one bill reducing both our admin and support time and costs. We are very pleased to have Stamford Telephone (ST) as one of our valued suppliers and have benefitted from multiple changes to the system which have helped deliver our customer service goals.

We recommend ST as a leading supplier of VoIP technology and commend their expertise and excellent ongoing support. – Financial Director

Testimonial from a Leisure Group

We are very pleased to have Stamford Telephone (ST) as one of our valued suppliers and have benefited from upgrading our systems which have helped deliver our high levels of customer service. We recommend ST as a leading supplier of Communication Systems and commend their expertise and excellent ongoing support across all technology areas. – Director