Case Studies – Experience across a wide range of Business Sectors

Stamford Telephone Company have customers across a wide range of business sectors. The following case studies provide just a few examples. Where we have helped our customers through the delivery of reliable, flexible, and effective managed hosted business telephone solutions. Click on each of the bulleted list items below:

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Accountancy Companies

As with all companies in the financial sector each customer an Accountancy Firm can win will be of high monetary value. With missed calls potentially costing these businesses many thousands of pounds a year they need a robust and reliable telephone system that is feature rich. Stamford Telephone Company have great expertise in delivering telephone systems to accountancy firms with inbound call handling set up to ensure every call is answered.

Moving to New Serviced Offices

Accountants had decided to move to new premises and sought a change in their telecommunications supplier having had a number of issues with their incumbent provider. They recognised how powerful Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions can be and wanted to maintain the flexibility of this type of system. Not sure that they were getting the most from the features available they came to Stamford Telephone for:

– A fully managed telephone system
– Training in the use of the system and advice on how best to use the features to fulfil their requirements
– The ability to introduce reception services when required
– Company Voicemail
– Voicemail to email notification service
– Porting of the main business number in to the new system


The new telephone system was first installed in the old office location. Stamford Telephone helped the customer to work through some internal cabling issues and also identified that SIP ALG was enabled on their broadband router. This feature was disabled to ensure that the new managed hosted telephone service worked correctly and reliably.

During the porting process, all calls to the main number were forwarded to the new telephone service. Porting completed prior to the office move and this helped make the move itself very simple. All calls were diverted to a nominated mobile number during the few hours it took to unplug the phones from the old site and plug them in at the new office. The customer was able to move themselves without needing to ask for support; showing just how easy using VoIP telephony can be.

Since the move scheduling services have been introduced to automate the routing of calls to a reception service during holiday periods; typically during Easter, summer and Christmas holidays. A service that can be set up the same day. Covid meant that all staff would work from home and the system was reprogrammed, same day, to allow working from anywhere on mobile and laptop devices. With the partial move back to the office another small change integrated office and remote users.

A Director, added ….

“Moving to a new serviced office was the opportunity we were looking for to change our telecommunications provider. We asked Stamford Telephone to supply a new telephone service and to provide us with a flexible solution. We never lost a call during our move, a big benefit of the VoIP service we bought. Stamford Telephone took great care in ensuring our inbound calls were routed just how we needed them to be. We highly recommend them to other businesses.”

Business Administration / Virtual Administration & Bookkeeping

This business sector need to be able to manage calls from a large number of clients whilst maintaining a personal touch, conveying an understanding and care for each customer as an individual. The use of our call group features, that allow callers to be accurately identified without the need for extensive corporate directory listings, enable Stamford Telephone Company’s clients to offer a “bespoke and personal service” to every one of their customers.

Urgent Need to find a New Supplier

Company A found themselves in the position of losing their original telephony supplier when they went in to administration. As a Business Admin (BA) supplier, running numerous services for their clients, they could not afford to be offline for any length of time and  Stamford Telephone Company ensured continuity os service.

– Full life-cycle project management
– Internet provision
– Hosted Telephony
– Number supply and porting


One of the telephone lines, already installed, was identified as a suitable candidate for running the new converged broadband (cFTTC) service supporting both voice and data connectivity. With all network equipment, and the IP telephones, configured in advance the task of installing the hardware, on the day the broadband service went live, was greatly simplified. With the testing of the telephone service complete the porting of the customer telephone numbers was requested, and scheduled, for a few days after the site visit. Stamford Telephone Company monitored each port closely and ensured that the business were receiving calls correctly once the porting had been confirmed.

Since the installation in March 2018 they have won new plenty of new business, supplying reception services which Stamford Telephone Company are able to configure and activate same day and at a fraction of the cost of the old system.

A Director, added ….

“The installation and subsequent changes we have requested, with new business being won, have been carried out professionally by Stamford Telephone Company (STC) without any impact to the day to day operation of our existing clients. We are very happy with the service supplied and recommend STC as a leading supplier of Telecommunication systems.”

Business Centres

Stamford Telephone Company have had great success with delivering flexible and reliable telephone systems to Multi-Tenant Business Centres.  As you would expect, alongside the business telephone service supplied to each tenant there are additional requirements that need to be fulfilled for these types of premise which include offering Reception Services covering Call & Message Handling.

Telecommunications for a Shared Occupancy Serviced Office Facility

A County Council were looking to open a new Serviced Office Centre, and needed a delivery partner to manage their and their tenants business telephony. Stamford Telephone Company responded and were able to demonstrate a solution that catered for a number of requirements:

– Pure IP Telephone Solution
– Scalable Solution
– Telephone number retention for Tenants, when moving to, or away from, the centre
– The ability to offer a bespoke reception service to tenants as and when requested


On winning the contract Stamford Telephone initially supplied The Centre with their reception phone system. This first deployment supported their marketing campaign and enabled businesses a means of contacting the local staff directly. Call scheduling was also used to present a company voicemail service outside of working hours.

As tenants neared the pojnt of agreeing a lease Stamford Telephone Company were introduced. A consultation period established each client’s telephony requirements, which business numbers they wished to bring with them, how many staff members needed phones, and how their inbound calls should be routed.

With plenty of time to manage the migration projects, every tenant using the service has experienced a seamless transfer of their telephone service with no downtime.

The Centre Manager added ….

“Stamford Telephone Company are a Fantastic company to deal with. They supplied an end to end telecoms solution for our new business centre which enables complete flexibility for our tenants. Customer service is excellent and any issues are addressed extremely quickly. Highly recommended to anyone considering a flexible business telecoms solution.”


Many of the charities Stamford Telephone Company supply managed hosted business telephony to are also in the caring industry. Through our initial, and ongoing discussions we find that maintaining open lines of communication with their members, and their member’s families, are imperative.  The cloud hosted system we offer is ideal as an access anywhere solution allowing nursing staff to make and receive calls when they are out making patient visits. Out of hours emergency solutions are important with time of day schedules underpinning effective call routing at these times.

How Upgrading to VoIP can Benefit Your Charity

This Charity have a mission statement ….

‘To promote healthy ageing and attitudes towards older people recognising that they are amongst our nation’s greatest resources. Seeking relevant ways to honour old age and if and when needed to serve by advocating, friendship and practical support’.

Their success led to them needing to expand and we at the Stamford Telephone Company (STC) were delighted to work alongside the staff and trustees to provide a total communications system in their new head office.

– Review the current services
– Understand the organisations needs
– Use our expertise to provide the ideal solution


Evergreen installed a complete managed system including, Fast Converged Broadband, VoIP phones and Wi-Fi benefitting in particular from:

– Never missing an incoming call
– Single high speed managed connection for Voice and data
– Remote management removing support costs
– No overall increase over their old inflexible systems

The CEO, added ….

“With a single supplier we receive one bill reducing both our admin and support time and costs. We are very pleased to have the Stamford Telephone Company as one of our valued partners and Lighthouse Beacons. We recommend STC as a leading supplier of VoIP technology and commend their expertise and excellent ongoing support”


Many of our engineering customers have a need for the telecoms systems we supply to support a high staff count, deliver seamless telephony across multiple sites, and make use of a large number of the 39 standard features on offer. The auto-attendant feature has proven to be extremely effective in helping many of these business manage the high call volumes they receive every week.

Moving Office

A leading Industrial Services group, moved offices as part of their planned expansion. We designed and implemented the office telephony and later added the leased line service. This work led us to incorporate 3 divisions into a single system whilst retaining the unique brand identities of each area. Our role was to:

– Review and migrate the old services
– Ensure continuity during the move period and add remote offices
– Use our expertise to provide the ideal managed solution


STC installed a complete managed system including, Multi-site offices, Leased Line, Voice over IP (VoIP) phones and a complex call distribution system with out of hours call routing. They benefited in particular from:

– Never missing an incoming call
– Single high speed managed connection for Voice and data
– Remote management removing support costs
– Single internal extension numbering across sites
– Ability to flexibly grow users and add features to suit the business

A Director added ….

“We are very pleased to have the Stamford Telephone Company (STC) as one of our valued suppliers and have benefited from multiple changes to the system which have helped deliver high standards of customer service to our customers. We recommend STC as a leading supplier of Cloud based Telephone technology and value the expertise and excellent ongoing support they have provided to our fast growing business”

Finance & Investment

Many of our financial customers have a need for flexible hosted telephone systems that allow them to work from office and remote locations. In addition call recording can be a vital requirement, especially when investment advice is being given and their telephone service needs to be MIFID II compliant.

Moving to an New HQ

When a Corporate Finance Company needed more space to accommodate their growth and moved into a new office, Stamford Telephone (ST) were chosen to provide Managed Hosted Business Voice Telephony and recommend a new IT provider to better meet the needs of Bishopsgate.

Working closely together, Burghley Estates, ST, Openreach and the IT company delivered a Gigabit network on time and to budget. The company required very high speed internet connectivity, in building seamless room to room Wi-Fi for staff and guests and a telephone service that would allow them to work flexibly, and seamlessly, wherever they were in the world.

The telephone system needed to:

– Support inbound calls for multiple companies
– Offer reception facilities
– Provide overflow services to 3rd party call handlers
– Offer company and personal voicemail boxes
– Allow staff to answer and make calls, within the system, worldwide.


Stamford Telephone very quickly identified that high speed broadband services were not, and would not be, available at the new office location. Following a discussion with the customer, a leased line order was placed. Working closely with the customer, and Openreach, we project managed delivery within two working months, in time for the occupancy of the new office.

The new managed hosted telephone service was installed prior to the move. This allowed for a dialogue between ST and the customer to be established so that a process for handling inbound calls could be agreed. The most important job to complete was the port of the company telephone number, this was completed without any impact to the customer and without any break in service.

A gigabit Ethernet network was installed at the new office. On moving day the phones were disconnected from the old network and plugged in to the new network with no loss of service to the customer. Telephone calls continued to be answered because the staff use a mobile application linked to the telephone system. The mobile app allowed staff the ability to answer calls even though many of them were working remotely. The ability to offer such a flexible solution, and one that provides business continuity out of the box, has proven itself invaluable.

A Director added ….

“We are extremely happy with the service supplied and recommend Stamford Telephone Company as a leading supplier of Telecommunication Systems. The attention to detail in the delivery of the service, the project management and the aftercare they have provided to us, has proven to be exceptional”

Leisure Industry

With every call received equating to the potential sale of a single week’s holiday, or the purchase of a holiday lodge worth 10’s of thousands of pounds, a robust telecommunications solution is a must for leisure industry businesses. From early on Stamford Telephone Company have supplied hosted VoIP telephone systems to companies within the leisure sector. The combination of business grade voicemail and call logging solutions mean our clients never miss a call, and in turn can convert these conversations in to sales.

Multiple Sites

This Group provide quality holiday parks with fixed accommodation alongside touring pitches and camping areas. We have been working with them for the past eight years and have recently upgraded several sites with the latest communications technology. Our role has been:

– To advise and implement communications across the group
– Ensure that customers and staff benefit from improved systems
– Use our expertise to provide a total managed solution


The Group have installed a complete managed system including, Multi site offices, High-speed broadband, VoIP phones and a variety of Wi-Fi services. They have benefited in particular from:

– Never missing an incoming call
– Single high speed managed connections for Voice and data
– Remote management removing support costs
– Excellent Wi-Fi coverage for staff and guests
– Single bill per site and single support company

A Director, added ….

“We are very pleased to have the Stamford Telephone Company (STC) as one of our valued suppliers and have benefited from upgrading our systems which have helped deliver our customer service. We recommend STC as a leading supplier of Communication systems and commend their expertise and excellent ongoing support across all technology areas, which had been consistent for many years.”

Local Government

Local governments have wide ranging responsibilities and these can translate into a complex set of requirements for the telephone service they have installed. Reception services have proven extremely valuable for our clients as well as time of day scheduling and the ability to offer bespoke voicemail messages for daytime and out of hours periods. In addition Stamford Telephone Company have been asked to supply emergency contact numbers and the ability to answer these calls wherever the on call member of staff may be. Something that has been achieved simply through the additional use of our mobile app.

Working with a Single Supplier of Broadband & VoIP to Simplify Business Communications

As with most well established organisations this councils communications had been purchased from a number of different providers over the years. This had meant that they were receiving bills from multiple sources and it wasn’t clear what was being charged for and why.

The Stamford Telephone Company provided an initial period of consultancy to key members of the Council Team helping to unpick the details of each bill and identify the charges being levied.


The Council agreed to take lines, broadband and VoIP services from Stamford Telephone Company with the following benefits:

– Single supplier providing a single bill that clearly identifies the services being supplied
– Broadband services removed from those lines that do not require it, saving the Council money
– Upgrade of two lines in to the Town Hall to Superfast Broadband with one dedicated to the VoIP service guaranteeing a Quality of Service (QoS)
– The main number and user extensions were ported in to the new VoIP solution without a single call being lost
– Year round schedule was introduced to handle time of day call routing
– Business voicemail boxes were introduced for “in hours” and “out of hours” time periods
– New corporate directory was implemented for regular callers and suppliers to the Council

The Clerk said …

“Installing the phones to our premises only took a couple of hours and we didn’t lose any calls during the process; the assistance we have had from the Stamford Telephone Company throughout has been excellent.They continue to advise us as technology advances”

Marketing Companies

Marketing companies need to demonstrate the ability to stay connected and to proactively manage inbound inquiries from leads generated through a number of sources including digital media. It is imperative, therefore, that this business sector have their own highly effective telecommunication systems in place. Stamford Telephone Company have supplied a number of marketing companies with managed hosted business telephone services providing great communication solutions both in the office and whilst on the move.

Saved by Stamford Telephone Company

Our Customer were moving to a new serviced office and wanted to take their main business number with them. Without their knowledge the management company, looking after their original serviced office space, cancelled the number they had allocated. This had taken it out of service and was preventing any calls made to it being received. Stamford Telephone Company (STC) were able to retrieve the number as part of the supply of a brand new telephone system. The key benefits of the service supplied by STC are:

– Supply of a new business number
– Introduction of a voicemail portal offering company level voicemail services as well as personal voicemail boxes for each member of staff
– New DDI number range for staff, with associated internal extensions
– The ability to offer a bespoke reception service to tenants as and when requested
– Mobile App integration allowing for calls to be taken in or away from the office
– Full management of the number porting process for the original business number


Within two hours of giving Stamford Telephone Company the go-ahead the new business telephone service had been configured and all staff details emailed out to them. Support was given to staff helping them login to the mobile app and to start making calls. The process of porting the original company number was managed by STC with the authority to talk to the number range holder directly having been provided.

A Director, added ….

“During an initial meeting with Stamford Telephone Company a call was made to our existing provider so that the porting of our main business number could be discussed. We found out that our existing supplier had cancelled our main number without informing us.

Due to this poor service I decided to engage the Stamford Telephone Company straight away. Within a couple of hours they were able to provide a brand new telephone system for my business; including a new main number, company voicemail, direct dial numbers and personal voicemail boxes. I couldn’t have asked for better levels of customer care and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Property Agents

Property agencies require a telephone solution that allows them to effectively manage supplier and customer calls whether they are in the office or when travelling. Telecommunications services that support a seamless transition from fixed desk to mobile telephone systems are of real benefit. Stamford Telephone Company supply managed hosted business telephone services to a number of commercial and residential property agents because the system supplied can be used across any form of reliable internet connection.

Supporting Business Change

This Business has developed into the leading bespoke agency in the area. Growth and change have been easily accomodated with the installed IP phone system. A new business telephone service was sought that would offer consistent and reliable functionality across the group. A business that could provide trusted project management services, ensuring the technology move was completed ‘right first time’ was also key. Some of the requirements were:

– New converged business broadband at two sites supporting business grade voice
– Porting of the main business numbers without any loss of service
– Inbound call groups distributing calls to each member of staff
– All outbound calls presenting the main business number associated with each office location
– Capacity to make and receive as many calls as needed
– Predictable monthly costs presented in a single bill


The project began with a technology transformation at the office 1. A new business broadband solution was installed; terminated on a router offering quality of service to protect the bandwidth needed for reliable VoIP telephony. Until a new office location was found  all staff telephones were deployed in the first office. A power over Ethernet (PoE) switch was installed to supply each desk phone with the power it required; this allowed them to remove separate power supplies and reduce office clutter. Cost savings were made because of this choice.

The second stage of the project began with a site survey of the new office location. Good structured cabling was found to be in place. With spare telephone lines available in to the building a new broadband based internet service was delivered within 10 working days of the order being placed. On the day of the broadband installation a number of phones were moved from the office 1 and reconfigured with new extension numbers and DDIs. These were operational within 5 minutes of plugging them in to the new network. The busy lamp feature (BLF) has been used to reliably inform staff who is on the phone, and also allows for ‘one button’ speed dialling between internal extensions. A feature the customer has found very useful.

A Director, added ….

“Stamford Telephone Company have provided a wonderful service during a period of change for my business. New internet connectivity was installed at both office locations with managed hosted business telephone services seamlessly connecting my staff to each other. My business numbers were ported in to the new system without any call loss.”


Schools require a telephone solution that allows them to effectively route calls from parents and suppliers; with the majority of calls being managed by the School Office staff. An auto-attendant feature is key, allowing calls for families reporting absences to be managed automatically. The voicemail to email feature, available in solutions supplied by Stamford Telephone Company, is very helpful in this instance as well.

Upgrading to a Business VoIP Telephone Service

This Academy were working with an old analogue telephone system that they wanted to upgrade. A number of different solutions were proposed. Out of the three main proposals received, they chose Stamford Telephone Company to deliver a managed hosted VoIP solution.

A site survey, prior to the installation, identified where each phone would be located, where new Ethernet cabling was required, and how the school needed the telephone system configuring. The phones would be connected to a separate switch allowing them to be managed independently without wider access being provided to the school’s network. An auto-attendant was one key service the school required, allowing families to report absences easily whilst leaving the School Office phones available for other matters.


IP phones have been installed around the school, covering the Office, Head Teacher’s Office and other areas such as the Kitchen. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, it has been possible for key staff members to work from home, and still make calls from the school telephone system, using the mobile app. The features Academy are benefitting from are:

– Auto-attendant enabling calls to be routed as necessary to the Absences Mailbox or the School Office
– Call Groups managing the inbound call routing logic and voicemail boxes
– Time of Day Scheduling switching call management from daytime to out of hours requirements
– Bespoke voicemail message recording using a simple app, allowing announcements to be updated easily
– Remote management removing support costs
– Mobile App enabling seamless remote working with no change to the overall telephone system being necessary
– Inclusive minutes plans, making monthly telephone costs predictable

The Head Teacher, added ….

“Since the new telephone system was installed Stamford Telephone Company have supported us ably through the transition from our old one. We receive notification of absences through the voicemail to email service, which works well. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period, we have updated our messages to families and been able to stay connected whilst working from home. The system is really flexible and the support we get from Stamford Telephone is very good.”