Business Broadband

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Business Broadband

We provide the total end to end service including our unique ‘free remote maintenance’. You can choose from a Leased line up to 1GB, which is dedicated solely to your business, through to a range of Broadband services which are a shared service, hence their lower cost.

Our range of Broadband Services covers ‘Ultrafast FttP (Fibre to the Premises) which does not require a phone line and provides speeds up to 160Mb through to standard FTTC providing speeds of up to 80Mb.

Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses a quality of service broadband enabling up to 30 phones on the same line as your computers, reducing complexity and cost.

Whatever your business requirements we can Specify, Install, Support and Bill  providing you a trusted one supplier solution.

To find out more Contact us using our Form or by Ringing: 01780 430490

“We are very pleased to have The Stamford Telephone Company as one of our valued suppliers” – Wendy Ringwood (Financial Director) – JD Cooling Systems Ltd (Kings Lynn)