The On Premise Network (Local area network)

To run a VoIP service reliably your on premise network will need to meet good installation standards which comprise of:

Structured Cabling

Stamford Telephone Company recommend  that structured cabling is installed on premise. The Ethernet cable used for this part of the infrastructure should comply with at least the Category 5E standard. This will ensure high speed data transfer and high quality voice transmission.

PoE Switches, Routers and UPS

The benefit of using PoE switches is providing power to connected devices and remote management. This means that no external power supplies are required as phones and wireless access points can draw their power directly from the switch. The remote management eliminates the need for costly and time consuming site visits. Our routers provide Voice Quality of Service to ensure reliable calls and High Definition voice quality.

A quality Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can protect against lightning strikes and ensure a proper power down in the event of the mains being switched off.

Remote Management

Every piece of equipment The Stamford Telephone Company installs can be managed remotely. This allows us to fulfill our ongoing obligations to service your business quickly and simply.  Remote management can prevent the majority of costly and time consuming site visits and issues can be resolved with minimal delay.

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