The reasons for changing are many and varied but it is easy to do so long as you follow these simple steps.

Find a company that are suitably skilled

Ask how long they have been in business, how many business telephony customers they have and what services they provide.

Are they focused on Business Telephony?

Ask what other services they provide to ensure they are specialists.

Ask about number porting

A key element in moving your provider is ‘porting’ or moving your number to their network. Without careful management, you could lose your service temporarily or possibly even your number forever.

Will the new company handle your support calls inhouse

Many companies outsource this vital element. Ensure your chosen provider offers this service themselves and ask about how your call is answered? Will it be an engineer or call-handling agent? How long does it take to be answered and how long will resolution take.

Will the new company offer a billing service?

Again, many companies outsource this vital function. To ensure accurate and up to date billing you should have the same company providing the service, support and billing.

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Is the new company likely to stay in business?

The last thing you want is for your provider to go bust. Look at their accounts for a sound balance sheet.