Using Video Calling and Conferencing in your Business

Many businesses are actively moving to Cloud VoIP for their telecommunications. This feature rich service also offers video calling, with conferencing and screen sharing options available when required. The combination of voice, video, and associated functions, across the Internet is called unified communications (UC).

Since the COVID-19 lockdown many organisations have been using a patchwork of tools and applications. Trying to keep in touch with customers, and suppliers, there has been a Zoom call here, an expensive conference call there. With even WhatsApp and Facetime calls being made. Not only are these options less secure, they don’t look good if you’re trying to keep your business looking professional.

Our unified communications offering

Stamford Telephone have a product we call ST Teams, offering customers everything from instant messaging through to full video conferencing facilities. This integrates seamlessly with the telephone system we provide. The best bit is that customers, or suppliers, you wish to invite to a conference call don’t need to be running the same application. Just send them a Guest Link to the conference bridge and they can join you via their web browser.

It’s that simple!

Video Calling from the Mobile or Desktop App

Carry out a video call between any two members of staff, within your organisation, when they are using the mobile or desktop apps. Select the number to dial from the corporate directory, or just tap it in to the keypad. Then press the video button at the bottom of the screen to make the call.

Video Calling using the Mobile App

Video Calling using a Desk Phone with Camera

Just like using the mobile, or desktop, app you can make a video call to another member of staff using a touch screen desk phone with a USB camera attached. Like the Polycom VVX601 we are showing.

Polycom VVX601 Desk Phone with USB Camera

Video conferencing with ST Teams

With an ST Teams subscription you can build a video conferencing suite for your business.

Valuable business time is lost travelling to meetings, with many commercial conferencing platforms proving expensive to use. This is because the online conference providers use chargeable non-geographic numbers which you are asked to dial in to for each meeting.

With your conference room in place, connecting a conference bar to a TV and a business laptop, video meetings can be held from the luxury of your own office. The invitees don’t need to be using the same equipment; because you can invite them to the conference bridge using a web browser. Full video, screen share and messaging facilities are available.

Yealink VC200 Video Conference Bar
Yealink VC200 Video Conference Bar
Polycom Studio USB Video Bar
Polycom Studio USB Video Bar