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Right first time
Right first time Business Broadband Bronze Silver Gold Internet Options
Business Broadband

Right first time business broadband tailored to your business needs. Ensuring your business has the right amount of bandwidth and having flexibility to increase it as and when required is critically important to your business. Getting it right takes an understanding of how much bandwidth you need now and experience of how much flexibility to provide for the future. The type of router and switch you choose will also be dependent on this knowledge so getting it right should not be left to guesswork. Getting it wrong can lead to ‘slow computers’ reduced productivity and poor customer service. Over provision, while solving these issues, will affect your bottom line. By offering a wide range of speeds and types of connectivity we can meet your needs now and into the future.

Right first time Business Phone Systems
Business Phone Systems

Our managed hosted VoIP phone systems are packed with a host of features, customised to your business requirements. Fraud control, desktop and mobile integration are built in features along with voicemail. Conference calls and call recording can be configured easily and on a per user basis. One of the most popular features is the incoming call distribution feature. This routes calls to a user wherever they are located. Many of our users switch on this feature when working away from their desks. Some are just in different locations within the building, some on the road visiting clients and some working from home. We have a blog called “business mobile” that provides further information. 

Other popular features are the incoming call distribution which takes calls to different users depending on the time of day, holidays or how busy users are. The most important thing is that no calls are lost or not acknowledged. All calls are logged so they can be returned as soon as someone is available and voicemail’s are emailed to users to be acted on quickly and accurately.

Right first time On Premise Network Data Network Cabinet
On Premise Network

We ensure your business has the right routers and switches to flex with your business changes. Remote management is built in for complete peace of mind.