Business Phone Systems

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Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are changing. Hosted VoIP is replacing the obsolescent ISDN telephony service. As you can see from the first diagram, this old technology uses a separate network which is being replaced by IP services.

We provide a Fully Managed Voice over IP (VoIP) service giving you complete control over your telephones as well as total flexibility and simple monthly billing. The second diagram, shows how VoIP uses the same internal wiring as your computers and the same internet connections. This simplifies your network, reducing cost and increases functionality.

The main benefits are:

  1.  Free phones on a 36 month contract
  2.  Free inclusive calls to UK landlines and Mobiles (Please ask about exact terms)
  3.  Keep existing numbers
  4.  You pay on a per user basis
  5.  Phones arrive ready to connect

Added benefits of using Stamford Telephone Company are our unique ‘Free Remote Maintenance’ and as a fully managed service we can tailor the phones to meet the changes that take place in your business without disruption.

We have helped a large number of companies in the Peterborough (PE) and Leicester (LE) postcode districts. Please read some of our customer testimonials to see just how we can help you to get the most from your telecoms.

Mobile App Integration

Mobile App integration offers our customers a powerful way of ensuring every business call they make is within their monthly call plan.
Do you supply your staff with a business mobile phone? Find out how we can save you money through the use of the mobile app.
To find out more Contact us using our Form or by Ringing: 01780 430490

“Moving our phones to our new offices took us less than an hour with the solution provided by The Stamford Telephone Company and we didn’t lose any calls during the process” – Steven Dicks (Director) – Monro White Hilton Limited (London)